Midwest adventures

Hard to believe, but my Ann Arbor respite is almost over. I’ve had a big and exciting learning curve at the Kerrytown Concert House, and we have a very cool season shaping up. (If you are in the SE Michigan area, check us out!) I’ve also had a chance to … Continue Reading →

summer reverie

As July draws to a close and August brings the beginning of the season ever closer, I’m thinking about the fruits of a particularly verdant summer. I’ve taught at two great programs, one brand new and one an old friend, and been inspired and energized by the participants. I conducted … Continue Reading →


I spent the week before last at the inaugural Collaborative Piano Insitute, which is the brainchild of Ana Maria Otamendi and Elena Lacheva. This power couple decided to make a summer program centered around pianists, with wonderful vocal and instrumental performers adjuncts to the pianists’ experience. I was thrilled to be part … Continue Reading →

Diva Redefined

Hey, I had a very enjoyable interview conducted by U-M vocal performance grad Kayla Hill for her blog Diva Redefined. Kayla is gracious and stylish, both as a vocal artist and woman moving through the world. It was a pleasure to share conversation with her on a variety of topics, … Continue Reading →

As if no one is watching

So I was greeted online today by a video posted by the fabulous Amy Owens, showing her real-time reactions to another video. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Shooby Taylor. I can no longer remember when my pals David Hanlon and Joseph Li first bonded with me over this singular artist. Shooby … Continue Reading →