Two television shows have recently made a huge impression on me: the BBC Janet Baker documentary, and “Fosse/Verdon,” the fabulous story of that artistic and personal partnership. And as I finally have a chance to stroll around in the mountains as summer begins, I’ve been processing what exactly those shows … Continue Reading →


My myAt Waterloo Napoleon did surrenderOh yeahAnd I have met my destiny in quite a similar wayThe history book on the shelfIs always repeating itself In 1983, halfway through my junior year, I was summoned to a meeting with my piano teacher. He was a star, a winner of the … Continue Reading →


Back in Washington DC for a week with the WNO YAs, which is always a joyous and inspiring time for me. This comes on the heels of some beautiful weeks of work and growth for my students back at CCM, and a satisfying recital back in Ann Arbor. It’s been … Continue Reading →

Sempre libera

This morning I’m reading in an all-too-familiar state of horror about the line of massage parlors up and down the east coast, places like the one in which Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft was recently apprehended. I’m reading about the women who were lured into employment there by promises of fast … Continue Reading →

Journey in Winter

I’m inspired by a great concert to write for the first time in a while. I published my thoughts on Medium here: https://medium.com/full-cry/journey-in-winter-b681053c004c For anyone who can’t access that, the full text follows. JOURNEY IN WINTER I know we are in for it when I see the dress. The whole topic … Continue Reading →