Vacation starts in the morning! I am looking back in total gratitude on a year that took me from Austin to Ann Arbor, Miami to Ontario, NY and DC to LA, and above all to Vienna by way of Arizona. Next year is up in just a moment, similarly peripatetic … Continue Reading →

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Video evidence!

Hey, there is a video of my CoOperative master class from this week up on my video page. Use this link or get there through the site, but check it out to get an idea of what we are up to! Bravi to all the participants and pianists, I really … Continue Reading →


update: CoOperative Program, Princeton NJ

I’m writing two posts this morning from one of my favorite places: Princeton, New Jersey, home of the CoOperative program created and run by the brilliant teacher Laura Brooks Rice. I come back here every summer and it always energizes and refreshes me. The students here are not aiming at … Continue Reading →


update: Miami Wagner Institute

My time on the road this summer is almost at an end, and I have things to tell you! The inaugural Wagner Institute at the Miami Music Festival was a wild and inspiring ride. Our first group of participants came in at an astonishing level. The work we did together, … Continue Reading →


Summer project update

I’m getting ready to head for Miami tomorrow: time to get my hojotoho on! In the meantime, I’ve been delving into beloved music here in Ann Arbor. Stan Olsen and I are getting a recital ready: Goethe texts set by Schubert and Wolf, and English poems set by two women … Continue Reading →