My friends, I have a question for you. What does a sustainable musical practice look like? I’ve been bowled over by many conversations in the last month around that topic. And this isn’t simply a fear-based “opera doesn’t look like it used to” kind of thing. People who are doing … Continue Reading →

Earth, Wind, and Fire

September 2019 Courtesy of Spotify, in my mom car on the way to the D: “Do you remember the 21st night of september?love was changing the mind of pretenderswhile chasing the clouds awayOur hearts were ringingin the key that our souls were we danced in the night,remember – how … Continue Reading →

On the road

It’s the beginning of delicious birthday #56 for me. Breakfast with my husband, meeting with opera students this afternoon, foreign films and dinner at home tonight. Tomorrow the CCM semester begins. The kindly social media bots greeted this morning with pictures from a year ago, and that gets a lady … Continue Reading →

Our stories

So I was coaching the Gavotte from Manon the other day.  “Tell me about her,” I said. “She loves pleasure,” said my student. Because that is what the libretto states, over and over. So she wasn’t wrong, but something rose in me. And then it fell. Here‘s how it all worked back then for those women, I was about to say.  But I didn’t say … Continue Reading →


MtMn and I are stretched out in our Aspen lodging after a long travel weekend, from the mountains of Virginia to the Rockies. Music on a mountain – it’s what classical musicians do. It’s inspiring. More than a little untouchable. There’s so much I want to tell you, but after … Continue Reading →