Change Your Life

Pentiti, cangia vita, e l’ultimo momento! At the end of Mozart’s DON GIOVANNI, the man murdered by the title character at the top of the show returns to settle accounts.  “Repent, change your life!” he cries. “It is the last moment!”  “No, I will never repent, get away from me!” … Continue Reading →


My mother-in-law was a schoolteacher. She taught junior high math in Pontiac, Michigan until her retirement, But one day years earlier, when she was sixteen, she was carrying a slip of paper to each of her high school instructors in Laporte, Indiana. Once it had all the necessary signatures, she … Continue Reading →

How do I work this?

Yeah…I did a tech Q&A. *waits patiently for people to stop laughing* I know, right? And yet it was super fun. And I’m gonna tell you all about it here. What possessed me, given that I don’t actually know how anything works? Simply this: I know people who have been … Continue Reading →