and we’re off….

The glamorous life, DTW edition:   Two weeks of travel await, full of adrenaline, teaching, reunions with great people and great cities, and some brand new repertoire. The sleepy eyes in this picture don’t tell you how excited I am! And if I’m tired, I’m happy too. The three quick … Continue Reading →


True patriot love

Just about an hour ago I was struck by the beautiful sight of Detroit, viewed at night from the Canadian side of the Detroit River. Now I’m home in Ann Arbor after five fantastic days across the border. I work with singers and pianists at the University of Toronto and … Continue Reading →

Beautiful female hands isolated on white


I’m still reeling after the “Locker Room Talk” post. I didn’t intend this blog to ever touch on subjects outside of music, and I intend to shut the door on that with this post. In just a second. I heard from (and am still hearing from) dozens of women who are sharing … Continue Reading →


This island’s mine!

So speaks David Weigel, our Prospero, at the beginning of our dress rehearsal of Saariaho’s TEMPEST SONGBOOK. And indeed we felt like we were on an island tonight. A magical one, where a great composer was helping us understand visceral sound in the kindest way possible. One where we could … Continue Reading →

Beautiful female hands isolated on white


Dear friends and colleagues: I am absolutely overwhelmed by your response to the blog post I wrote last night. I opened my email at the end of a rehearsal this afternoon to find some correspondence from a student. At the end of her questions, she wrote “thanks for your post, … Continue Reading →