Come over

I offer you this brilliant piece this morning, and echo the writer’s sentiments. We can do this.


Today was a heavy day on campus. I spent my day listening not to music, but to the frustrations and fears of the young adults with whom I spend my days. African-American students who wonder if their families are safe. Gay and lesbian students who wonder if the freedoms they’ve won will be … Continue Reading →

Alexandria Concert Day

The day of my first straight-up symphony concert is here! Things that are different than opera performances: you can’t take off your shoes. I’m always shoeless in the pit! This forced a trip to Nordstrom yesterday. only one place to look – no split screen between stage and pit! No … Continue Reading →

NYC: Tucker Gala

Carnegie Hall, a bunch of terrific singers, and a couple thousand lovers of that singing: put them all together and you have the Richard Tucker Gala, which returned to Carnegie last night after many years away. What a thrill to hear it resound with fiery, resonant, beautiful singing from some … Continue Reading →

John del Carlo

I am deeply saddened at the opera world’s loss of our beloved colleague, John del Carlo. What a wonderful man, colleague, and spirit. I count myself so lucky to have worked with him often and to have experienced his Bartolo’s brilliant patter, his Kothner’s grand coloratura, his Alfieri’s enormous heart. … Continue Reading →