Reading you

One month into my social media break, and Lord, how I miss it. Already I’ve broken that break, for a reason I deemed worthy: the new cohort of Turn The Spotlight fellows were announced, and I wanted to sing about that. I’ll spend the next 12-18 months mentoring Aiden Kim … Continue Reading →

What’s New

This is my first blog entry of the year, and the first in the middle of an experiment. If you’re reading this, you may be doing so because the blog automatically posts to my Twitter feed. But I won’t see it; I’m two weeks into a six month break from … Continue Reading →

A new era

A decade is a pretend boundary, but we make up boundaries all the time. And we change them. For me, 2020 will start with Pagliacci. A story I first saw told in a situation where the female lead had to manage so much, with no room for her opinions or … Continue Reading →