Kathleen’s poetry has been published in several journals, and set as art song by composers Juliana Hall, David Hanlon, and Jamie Leidwinger. Kathleen’s English opera adaptations include: The Bartered Bride, Hansel and Gretel, Arizona Lady. She has written the original libretto for the children’s opera Listen, Wilhelmina! and for the chamber vocal work Texanische Liebeslieder, both composed by David Hanlon.

Kathleen is also an active blogger and essayist, known for her writing on women’s issues in opera in particular.


We Can Figure This Out” – AGMAzine, Fall 2019 (I feel ambivalent about including this link because of AGMA’s sketchy behavior, but I’m proud of the piece)

The 3288 Review – My poems “Tree” and “Companions” are found here.

Tornado – this poem, set by Juliana Hall, is slated for publication by ECS in 2020.

For more information about Kathleen’s opera adaptations or other writings, please visit the Contact page!

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