Remote learning so far: a dispatch from some of us at CCM

Hello everyone! As you gear up for another week on Zoom, I am sure that you are experiencing a range of emotions. We miss working together above all! And yet our need to connect is moving us to figure all kinds of things out, creatively and bravely. Now we’re facing a fall full of uncertainty, but there’s no doubt about our desire to keep making music.

I got together with some of our CCM family, teachers and students, to catch up on the last few months. You can read our story here.

It was moving to recount the last few months since schools shut down and distancing began. We remembered our tech issues and emotional struggles. We took new pride in our ingenuity. And, we could begin to truly take stock of what we learned.

Heading toward September with better tech is nice, but it’s better still to be armed with the lessons we’ve learned from each other through plain old hard work, patience, and communication. We have lots of hope and want to share that with our community.

I’m so grateful to these colleagues who were willing to talk about the good, bad, and the ugly. I hope you read the whole thing, and I hope you see some of your own journey in our words. We’d also love for you to share your thoughts with us!

Many thanks from Amy Johnson, Bin Yu Sanford, Brenda Iglesias Zarco, Shannon Cochran, Teresa Perrotta, Jordan Loyd, Georgia Jacobson, and me 🙂

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