The gypsy in me

Almost exactly three years ago, MtMn and I played a concert at Independence Village in Oxford, Michigan. His parents Don and Rosemary had recently moved there. Don, recently turned 90, was increasingly frail, and Rosie was leaning on us hard to play some music while he was still up for … Continue Reading →

Texas time

“I don’t know if you remember,” says Lindsay, “but I sang for you once in a master class, at Westminster. CoOperative, like five years ago?” I hadn’t thought of it, but at her prompt I immediately did remember. Five years seemed at once too short and too long an interval. … Continue Reading →


“You’re eyeball babies,” smiled Wolfe. “It’s a lot to take in visually, right?” It’s the first day of rehearsal and this baby is wide-eyed in a powerhouse circle. I have a lot of experience with starry company, but even so this room shakes me. The women to my left and … Continue Reading →


I was bummed yesterday when I headed out for morning coffee in Columbus only to find that my favorite shop on the corner by the hotel was gone, the space empty and the lease adverts in the window. Today, I walked out into light snow showers hoping to find a … Continue Reading →

Reading you

One month into my social media break, and Lord, how I miss it. Already I’ve broken that break, for a reason I deemed worthy: the new cohort of Turn The Spotlight fellows were announced, and I wanted to sing about that. I’ll spend the next 12-18 months mentoring Aiden Kim … Continue Reading →