Listening and learning

Musings at week’s end: my favorite part of musical life is the teachers, who are everywhere. Some of us have that word on our studio doors, but the best part of my day is watching the students begin to teach each other. I love the many collaborative classes we have on campus: students giving each other feedback, guided and given room by their mentors. These engaged people figure out how to verbalize their reactions and opinions. They learn from each other and start to inform themselves differently. Sometimes I can add words of experience and observation – sometimes, I just get out of the way. Who’s the teacher, who’s the student? Ideally, we’re all both, always.

Listening is on my mind these days. There’s so much shouting and positioning in our culture, and so many people involved in work that encourages deep engagement and listening. Do it like it’s your job, everybody. It never, ever gets old, and the opportunity to be a beginner, every day, is the best opportunity ever. It might be the hallmark of expertise…

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