My mother-in-law was a schoolteacher. She taught junior high math in Pontiac, Michigan until her retirement, But one day years earlier, when she was sixteen, she was carrying a slip of paper to each of her high school instructors in Laporte, Indiana. Once it had all the necessary signatures, she … Continue Reading →

How do I work this?

Yeah…I did a tech Q&A. *waits patiently for people to stop laughing* I know, right? And yet it was super fun. And I’m gonna tell you all about it here. What possessed me, given that I don’t actually know how anything works? Simply this: I know people who have been … Continue Reading →

I screen, you screen

Good morning! What were you supposed to be doing today?  I had plans to board a plane to fly to my mom’s for Easter. After that, I had a week back at CCM, followed by three weeks in Washington DC, finally arriving in Llano for a “well-deserved vacation.” That was … Continue Reading →