Style points

Here is the link to my Opera News interview. Unfortunately, it’s subscriber-only, but the June edition is one that might tempt you – I’m honored to be included with the cover article, all about Ricky Ian Gordon’s new opera 27 which just premiered in St. Louis with a powerhouse cast. I want to thank A.J. Goldman again for being a great interviewer and a pleasure to talk to.

Every day as we work on Ariadne, I think of Vienna and its aesthetic world. Part of what I’m trying to to at Glimmerglass is indeed to bring that style home. And yet we are pursuing a very American take on the piece with the English adaptation of the Prologue and the setting on stage (that’s Bühnenbild for y’all in the know). Every day I grapple with the wide gulf between Wien 1916 and Cooperstown 2014, only to come again and again to the realization of how close those worlds really are. The whole Glimmerglass season is a study in that. It’s such a tiny step from Ariadne to Carousel, from Madama Butterfly to An American Tragedy. It’s delicious. We’re stylin’. I hope many of you are heading this way!

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