Metropolitan Opera Quiz

Today I had a dream come true: I was a panelist on the Met Opera Quiz. We did our thing in the second intermission of Borodin’s Prince Igor (an impressive performance, with the Met chorus and orchestra sounding divine, and uniformly excellent singing from the soloists). The host of the quiz was Brad Cresswell, who made everything easy, and my brilliant fellow panelists were George Preston and Michael Capasso. I wish I could have lunch with them every few weeks and listen to them talk opera. Sophie Koch was the gracious musical guest, who stumped us two out of three times with recordings of “Va! laisse couler mes larmes” – brava, Charlotte! Thanks to Lee Ellen Hveem for putting it all together. It was a true honor to be part of the same broadcasts that were my introduction to opera, and it was a joy to be back at my home company. Grateful!

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