Locavoracious: Road trip

It’s back to the Michigan Union for me tonight, but not to rehearse Cosi – that’s done and we open tomorrow! Instead I am going to the Michigan Road Scholars orientation. I’m so jazzed to be part of this along with my SMTD colleague Christianne Myers, costume designer. We’ll join with faculty from all parts of our campus in May to tour Michigan, learn more about the state in which we work and live, and connect with each other. Mark Clague, SMTD’s dynamo Gershwin scholar, is an alumnus of this program, and that’s how I heard about it. I’m so glad I applied, and am very excited to meet the whole group this evening. More local knowledge and contact with what’s near: good stuff!

Here’s a video about the 2014 tour. I wonder if we get the same cool bus? Old WOT colleagues – does this bring back any memories?

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