True patriot love

Just about an hour ago I was struck by the beautiful sight of Detroit, viewed at night from the Canadian side of the Detroit River. Now I’m home in Ann Arbor after five fantastic days across the border. I work with singers and pianists at the University of Toronto and Western University. Pro tip: the students at these schools are engaged, smart, and willing to take chances. Thank you for the invitations – I had a wonderful time!

It was also great to reconnect with Wendy Nielsen, Patricia Green, and Torin Chiles, grand colleagues all. I’m in debt to them for their graciousness.

And what can I say about Toronto? Such a proud, diverse, energetic city! I was lucky to have one rainy day there to study scores and eat Thai food hot enough to take my face off. London, Ontario, is smaller but very beautiful, in the middle of a spectacular fall, the maple trees brilliant on every corner.

Back to my Wolverines tomorrow, with a few days to turn the suitcases around before the bicoastal trip begins. LA, DC, and NYC await – but only after a few more days in A2 and the D!

“O che vita, che vita, o che mestiere!”

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