Back home in Llano, TX, where I’m getting my first fall projects ready to go. They are something special in that they’re music with an unusual sense of place. In Austin in a few weeks, we’ll premiere David Hanlon’s “Texanische Liebeslieder.” I wrote the lyrics for these. They were inspired … Continue Reading →


Summer work is completed for 2015. Now it’s time to hang with family and prepare for 2015-16. The fully updated calendar is here, and there are a few media updates as well. I hope we will cross paths this year! In the meantime, enjoy the skies wherever you are, do some slow … Continue Reading →


I can finally post the official press release from SongFusion, a wonderful organization that supports the art song repertoire and its innovative performance through unexpected collaborations. I’m joining baritone Michael Kelly as co-artistic director. We can’t wait to share our plans with you – follow that link to see the … Continue Reading →


I’m writing in a state of exhilaration after our first orchestra reading for Nozze at Wolf Trap. What a joy to be back with the musicians of the Washington, DC area. It’s such a rich scene! There’s so much going on here – symphony, opera, oratorio, chamber music. Players are skilled and … Continue Reading →