Slow Listening Saturdays: New York Polyphony

Okay, so this is Sunday already. And I missed last Saturday. I’m working on getting this feature off the ground, so bear with me!

Your Slow Listening for the day comes courtesy of a very ancient composer, hundreds of years old, and four men of diverse and fascinating backgrounds and training. They are all wonderful singers, and are expert in multiple kinds of singing: opera, choral, folk, pop, you name it. They’re composers and arrangers and pianists and writers and family men and much more. It takes a long time and a lot of training to be able to do what you’re about to hear: sing beautifully and expressively and in tune, with no assistance from any instruments or electronics. Just the human voice supported by the human body, spinning out into the space of a high-ceilinged church. Seriously old school.

I hope you listen to this and love the sounds, first off. Then pass this on to a few people who will not have ever heard it, and may not ever seek it out again. Maybe they’ll notice how these men are athletes. Maybe they’ll dig the ancient pace. Maybe they’ll see the beauty of the human body making its human sound, highly disciplined, unadorned, real.

New York Polyphony: Sicut Cervus

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