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One month into my social media break, and Lord, how I miss it.

Already I’ve broken that break, for a reason I deemed worthy: the new cohort of Turn The Spotlight fellows were announced, and I wanted to sing about that. I’ll spend the next 12-18 months mentoring Aiden Kim Feltkamp, a thinker and writer and performer whose mind I can’t wait to know better and whose resonant voice I’m honored to support. Beth Stewart’s brainchild has brought so many humans together for sparky, juicy work.

And well, I wanted to post. Because of Spotlight, because of Aiden and Beth. Because of habit. And mostly because I know that’s how YOU will know.

One thing I know a month into this hiatus is that I’ll return. As emotionally and societally dangerous as the system is, it’s where we live now. It’s sobering to consider the extent to which I’ve outsourced our relationships. Facebook knows when your birthdays are, I don’t (Happy birthday, everyone born between Christmas and May).

Over the last month, there has been so much good news: season announcements, friends’ accomplishments, great reviews, family joys. And there have been sorrows, friends’ disappointments and difficulties, and several deaths. I’ve heard all this news, sometimes right away and sometimes after several days or a week. But I haven’t been able to join in the communal experience in the same way. I miss doing that so much.

But Time’s a funny thing. In just this one month, the space where all my posting was has been filled with writing of a different kind. I can’t wait to fill you in once a few more details have fallen into place.

That’s the update from rainy Cincinnati. If you’re local, I hope to see you at the songSLAM tomorrow night at Liberty Exhibition Hall. I’ve got Tennessee, Charlottesville, DC, and Houston in my sights. Wherever you’re spending your time this morning, I hope the view is excellent.

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