Haven’t posted in a while, but this weekend is a good time to get back into it with two concerts that were profoundly social in nature. What I mean by that is a kind of performing that involves intimate size, of performing group, audience, and performance space. I love me a … Continue Reading →

Back at WNO, listening.

So glad to be in DC working with the fab singers and pianists here! Great singing going on along with very intense conversations about why we do what we do. And, at the Kennedy Center, Larry Brownlee and Lisette Oropesa are KILLING IT in Daughter of the Regiment. I wish … Continue Reading →

Come over

I offer you this brilliant piece this morning, and echo the writer’s sentiments. We can do this.


Today was a heavy day on campus. I spent my day listening not to music, but to the frustrations and fears of the young adults with whom I spend my days. African-American students who wonder if their families are safe. Gay and lesbian students who wonder if the freedoms they’ve won will be … Continue Reading →

Alexandria Concert Day

The day of my first straight-up symphony concert is here! Things that are different than opera performances: you can’t take off your shoes. I’m always shoeless in the pit! This forced a trip to Nordstrom yesterday. only one place to look – no split screen between stage and pit! No … Continue Reading →