I screen, you screen

Good morning! What were you supposed to be doing today?  I had plans to board a plane to fly to my mom’s for Easter. After that, I had a week back at CCM, followed by three weeks in Washington DC, finally arriving in Llano for a “well-deserved vacation.” That was … Continue Reading →

The gypsy in me

Almost exactly three years ago, MtMn and I played a concert at Independence Village in Oxford, Michigan. His parents Don and Rosemary had recently moved there. Don, recently turned 90, was increasingly frail, and Rosie was leaning on us hard to play some music while he was still up for … Continue Reading →

Texas time

“I don’t know if you remember,” says Lindsay, “but I sang for you once in a master class, at Westminster. CoOperative, like five years ago?” I hadn’t thought of it, but at her prompt I immediately did remember. Five years seemed at once too short and too long an interval. … Continue Reading →