I spent the week before last at the inaugural Collaborative Piano Insitute, which is the brainchild of Ana Maria Otamendi and Elena Lacheva. This power couple decided to make a summer program centered around pianists, with wonderful vocal and instrumental performers adjuncts to the pianists’ experience. I was thrilled to be part … Continue Reading →

Diva Redefined

Hey, I had a very enjoyable interview conducted by U-M vocal performance grad Kayla Hill for her blog Diva Redefined. Kayla is gracious and stylish, both as a vocal artist and woman moving through the world. It was a pleasure to share conversation with her on a variety of topics, … Continue Reading →

As if no one is watching

So I was greeted online today by a video posted by the fabulous Amy Owens, showing her real-time reactions to another video. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Shooby Taylor. I can no longer remember when my pals David Hanlon and Joseph Li first bonded with me over this singular artist. Shooby … Continue Reading →


Haven’t posted in a while, but this weekend is a good time to get back into it with two concerts that were profoundly social in nature. What I mean by that is a kind of performing that involves intimate size, of performing group, audience, and performance space. I love me a … Continue Reading →

Back at WNO, listening.

So glad to be in DC working with the fab singers and pianists here! Great singing going on along with very intense conversations about why we do what we do. And, at the Kennedy Center, Larry Brownlee and Lisette Oropesa are KILLING IT in Daughter of the Regiment. I wish … Continue Reading →