A new era

A decade is a pretend boundary, but we make up boundaries all the time. And we change them. For me, 2020 will start with Pagliacci. A story I first saw told in a situation where the female lead had to manage so much, with no room for her opinions or … Continue Reading →

360 degree view

I started my first morning on this trip to San Francisco with a hike to an old favorite place, Corona Heights park. I failed to complete the short, uncharacteristically muddy scramble to the top in time to watch the sun rise, but the thick clouds afforded an incredible light show … Continue Reading →


This image of Franz Schubert at the piano during a “Schubertiade,” an evening of his song compositions, has brought a host of questions to my mind through the years. One of the chief things I’ve always wondered was this: what did it feel like to be one of the poets … Continue Reading →