It’s a watershed moment. Right off an amazing gig. About to begin an epic vacation. Dealing with some large personal news. Continually battered by the random cruelty of political actions. Inspired, humbled, and shamed by a friend’s revelation.

So before I take my leave of the Internet for a bit, before I pause to look at some of the most iconic and epic vistas of my country, before I engage in some hard-won and totally earned self-care, I decided to write a thing and share it.

I’m terrified.

I’m sad that I spent so much time afraid and compromised.

I wish I would have been braver and louder, sooner. I see how people have been hurt because of my generation’s equivocating, and I think every day about how to be a mentor who champions rigor while working to establish equity. This has to be possible. Fear twisted into its worst forms – cruelty and humiliation – must be transformed. We must find new ways of being, and we can, if we work together.

I’m trying.

Read – I hope your will is good, or that it can be made so. Peace, love, and thanks.




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