summer reverie

As July draws to a close and August brings the beginning of the season ever closer, I’m thinking about the fruits of a particularly verdant summer. I’ve taught at two great programs, one brand new and one an old friend, and been inspired and energized by the participants. I conducted … Continue Reading →

Summer Projects

My husband and I just rolled into Ann Arbor for a few weeks. I love the shape of this summer, made of many random pieces and projects sewn together into a wild quilt of music and words. I just finished a new English adaptation of Hansel and Gretel for Tri-Cities Opera. Paul … Continue Reading →


I am out in Texas for a few weeks, practicing and studying and staring at the Hill Country from my porch. My husband and I sit in our rocking chairs and practice for being old. It’s wonderful. And, for the first time, we have a 4G phone connection here on … Continue Reading →

Guest Blog Post!

Many thanks to Kim Witman for the chance to have a guest berth on her excellent blog for Wolf Trap Opera. I’ve admired this blog and her writing for a long time. What a pleasure to have some space there to write on one of my favorite things, Le nozze di … Continue Reading →