Haven’t posted in a while, but this weekend is a good time to get back into it with two concerts that were profoundly social in nature.¬†What I mean by that is a kind of performing that involves intimate size, of performing group, audience, and performance space. I love me a … Continue Reading →

This island’s mine!

So speaks David Weigel, our Prospero, at the beginning of our dress rehearsal of Saariaho’s TEMPEST SONGBOOK. And indeed we felt like we were on an island tonight. A magical one, where a great composer was helping us understand visceral sound in the kindest way possible. One where we could … Continue Reading →

Midwestern minstrel

“A wandering minstrel I…” ¬†could have been my theme song this week. I drove across northern Wisconsin and east-central Minnesota as the leaves began to change right on time. And all along the way: music! First, in Stevens Point WI, Matthew Markham, Sue Bender, and the wonderful students of UWSP … Continue Reading →

Big House

110K fans doing the “Hail” hand jive, this truly excellent band with their awesome sound, hot drumlines, and “nice diags” (tip of the pen to Dr. Andrea Brown). Life in music will sometimes surprise you, and it sure did this opera geek on Saturday. But first let me back up … Continue Reading →