It’s a watershed moment. Right off an amazing gig. About to begin an epic vacation. Dealing with some large personal news. Continually battered by the random cruelty of political actions. Inspired, humbled, and shamed by a friend’s revelation. So before I take my leave of the Internet for a bit, … Continue Reading →

The long walk

While my friends were ending the world on stage at the War Memorial this afternoon, I was reenacting a different ancient ritual – not quite as venerable as that work based on the  Nibelungenlied, but more beloved in my small universe. After starting the day with some lovely folks, I … Continue Reading →


I’ve neglected this blog for quite a number of months, and there’s no excuse like the turn of the calendar year to recommit. So, welcome to 2018, everyone! Where are you as this year begins? I’d love to hear from you and know what’s up. Here’s what’s up with me. … Continue Reading →

Midwest adventures

Hard to believe, but my Ann Arbor respite is almost over. I’ve had a big and exciting learning curve at the Kerrytown Concert House, and we have a very cool season shaping up. (If you are in the SE Michigan area, check us out!) I’ve also had a chance to … Continue Reading →

summer reverie

As July draws to a close and August brings the beginning of the season ever closer, I’m thinking about the fruits of a particularly verdant summer. I’ve taught at two great programs, one brand new and one an old friend, and been inspired and energized by the participants. I conducted … Continue Reading →