Taking it seriously

So last night, in Columbus, the audience was laughing at our Carmen all night long. Laughing at this story which ends in the title character’s murder. It was fantastic. And it made me think a lot about what tradition says about “serious” opera. And if you know me, you know which … Continue Reading →

Taking wing

I went to the ballet tonight. Many of the Columbus Symphony musicians and Ballet Met dancers are part of our Carmen production, and tonight they opened the Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet. Oh, and the symphony played a huge orchestral program last weekend as well. A daunting schedule! I went to … Continue Reading →


Haven’t posted in a while, but this weekend is a good time to get back into it with two concerts that were profoundly social in nature. What I mean by that is a kind of performing that involves intimate size, of performing group, audience, and performance space. I love me a … Continue Reading →

Alexandria Concert Day

The day of my first straight-up symphony concert is here! Things that are different than opera performances: you can’t take off your shoes. I’m always shoeless in the pit! This forced a trip to Nordstrom yesterday. only one place to look – no split screen between stage and pit! No … Continue Reading →

NYC: Tucker Gala

Carnegie Hall, a bunch of terrific singers, and a couple thousand lovers of that singing: put them all together and you have the Richard Tucker Gala, which returned to Carnegie last night after many years away. What a thrill to hear it resound with fiery, resonant, beautiful singing from some … Continue Reading →