Alexandria Concert Day

The day of my first straight-up symphony concert is here!

Things that are different than opera performances:

  • you can’t take off your shoes. I’m always shoeless in the pit! This forced a trip to Nordstrom yesterday.
  • only one place to look – no split screen between stage and pit! No sore neck at the end of rehearsal 🙂
  • fewer possibilities for madness – no costumes, set pieces, curtains, sword fights, etc.

Things that are not different: great music, amazing human effort and energy. What a warm and wonderful group is the Alexandria Symphony. I’m grateful to them for a beautiful week of music-making. Elizabeth Pitcairn is a fabulous violinist, and our time spent geeking out over details has been rewarding.

Let’s get it! Tonight at Schlesinger Auditorium in Alexandria, tomorrow at the Masonic Memorial Temple. Hope to see you there!

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