A great face for radio

I am going to be on the panel for the March 1 installment of the MET Opera Quiz! The opera on tap is Prince Igor, so I’d better study up. It’s hard to express how exciting this is to me. I used to be glued to the radio broadcasts in high school and college, and I think that was the main access to opera for many Americans of my generation. It’s an honor to be included. As a bonus, it brings me to New York in time to hear my colleagues from Vienna in a performance of Wozzeck at Carnegie Hall. I loved being part of this production last season as rehearsal conductor, but loved even more being the drunken pianist in the scene after Marie’s murder!

The picture accompanying this post is from last March’s Wozzeck in Vienna. Manly me stands next to Andres (Norbert Ernst) and Marie (Anne Schwanewilms).

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